From the outset, SyncRTC has believed that video collaboration is a technology that not only allows us to collaborate and enhance productivity, but

improves our lives

The company history

While studying at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Víctor Sánchez wanted an easy way to connect with friends and family around the world. However existing video communications solutions were either too expensive or required IT involvement and dedicated hardware.

As a result he founded a video conferencing solution called MashMeTV, which he launched commercially in April 2013. Built using an open source communication protocol called WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications), MashMeTV became so popular that more than 415,000 users from 71 countries were using the application by October 2013.

Key milestones

JAN 2015
MashMeTV usage grows to one million customers in 73 countries.
SEP 2015
MashMeTV re-launches as, a customizable video conference platform with added functionality for end users and B2B customers.
MAY 2016
SyncRTC becomes the parent company of
OCT 2016
SyncRTC launches a unique futuristic learning space. Our Room of the Future uses SyncRTC’s latest generation technologies including artificial intelligence, simulations, big data analysis, interactive robots, emotion recognition systems, and holograms.
JUL 2017
SyncRTC launches its Room of the Future.
SEP 2017
Said Business School (Oxford University) becomes the first Room of the Future customer globally.
NOV 2017
The Place goes Live at The Valley Digital Business School, Madrid.
MAY 2018
Santander Group, headquartered in Madrid launches The Wide Room in their corporate training facility
The company is currently headquartered in Madrid with satellite offices in San Francisco and London.
Víctor Sanchez Belmar

Víctor Sánchez Belmar


Prior to starting, he worked as a researcher at the “Next Generation Internet Group (GING)” from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, where he worked on cloud videoconferencing tools and the next wave of distributed and federated social applications. He also worked as a lecturer in cloud computing at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Before UPM and IIT, Victor worked as a freelance developer and lecturer. He founded Netwot, an artificial intelligence based social network, and, which focused on building an engaging canvas-based media sharing tool.

Victor has always been actively involved with the innovation world, first as a board member of IEEEsb Madrid and then leading the GTUG (Google Technology User Group) Madrid and GDG (Google Developer Group) Madrid for several years. As part of this innovation focus, Víctor co-founded HackForGood—the biggest hackathon in Spain which focuses on creating applications for good causes. Recently, he was recognized as a GDE (Google Developer Expert) in web technologies.

Victor has a Master´s degree in Information Technology & Management at Illinois Institute of technology. He resides between Mallorca, Madrid and San Francisco.

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