Immersive Virtual Learning
without frontiers

Room of the future schema
The Room of the Future is a breakthrough in education, e-learning and employee collaboration. It offers the most immersive video meeting experience for organizations looking to transform their learning environment. makes
the difference

  • It offers up to 125 screens within a high definition video wall, camera, lighting and audio systems all operated by SyncRTC’s software.
  • Use high quality video to host interactive sessions to allow your presenter to engage with remote employees and students all over the world, with minimal latency.
  • Play 360 videos, generate augmented or virtual reality experiences, run 2D or 3D simulations, and display big data visualizations—all with seamless connectivity to ensure a rich media content experience.
  • also provides data analytics after each session, time spent viewing material shown, and how effectively key messages were conveyed.

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