offers a solution
for each use case

  • e-Learning &
    transforms the
    learning experience

    • Enriches online learning and education for academic institutions, students and faculty.

    • Improves corporate training by supporting high quality interactive online sessions without need for travel.

    • Supports immersive and continuous virtual classes.

    • Promotes learning unconstrained by office hours or classroom availability.

    • Enables remote interactive and collaborative study groups.

    • Delivers high quality recordings for tutorials, classes and training rooms.

  • HR & Employee
    Collaboration evolves the quality
    of interaction between

    • Facilitates flexible, more frequent employee interaction.

    • Increases employee productivity.

    • Improves employee engagement and team connections.

    • Reduces time to hire and cost per hire during candidate interviews.

    • Enhances employee competitive readiness.

    • Reinforces corporate messaging/time to market.

  • Financial
    Services provides high quality communication to enrich customer interaction

    • Facilitates flexible and more frequent customer interaction with mobile and remote customer service.

    • Allows specialists/experts to support customers without the need for travel.

    • Ensures regulatory compliance through audio recording and auditable tracking of participants and documents shared.

    • Increases customer intimacy.

    • Improves organizational productivity.