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USE CASES removes geographical barriers allowing customers and suppliers to interact as if they were in the same room

  • Remote real-time video collaboration amongst geographically dispersed teams
  • High quality video interaction between suppliers, service providers and their customers with real-time document and multimedia sharing
  • Remote delivery of online training and events
  • High quality real-time low cost video supports "always connected" remote tele-workers
  • Accelerate digital transformation


USE CASES transforms the learning experience

  • Enriches online and blended learning and coaching for academic institutions, their students and faculty
  • Improves corporate training by supporting high quality interactive online sessions without need for travel
  • Supports immersive and continuous virtual classes
  • Not limited by office hours or classroom availability
  • Enables remote interactive and collaborative study groups
  • High quality recordings for tutorials, classes and training rooms

Financial Services

USE CASES provides high quality communication at low bandwidth transforming customer interaction

  • Facilitates flexible and more frequent customer interaction with mobile and remote customer service
  • Allows specialists/experts to support customers without the need for travel by either
  • Ensures regulatory compliance through audio recording and auditable tracking of participants and documents shared
  • Increases customer intimacy
  • Improves organizational productivity


USE CASES transforms quality of video interaction between doctors, administrators, patients and students

  • Remote healthcare consultation with real-time document, scans and multimedia sharing
  • Enhanced patient care experience
  • Quicker patient diagnosis
  • Timely delivery of training and programs
  • Improved operational efficiencies


USE CASES adds another dimension to media interaction

  • Allows many-to-many synchronized multimedia viewing
  • Promotes remote interactive group viewing of content aka the virtual couch
  • Supports real-time synchronized group viewing of live sporting and other events
  • Virtual high quality interaction between fans and celebrities
  • "Round table"-style real-time interaction of speakers and audience allowing remote participation and mass access to content

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